Francis Ngannou has earned right to second Tyson Fury fight, says promoter – Ring News 24 | Boxing News

Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury. Photo credit: Justin Setterfield

The co-promoter of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury 34-0-1 (24) says a rematch with Francis Ngannou 0-1 could be on the cards after the former UFC heavyweight champion can within a whisker on winning their 10-round non-title bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 28.

Expectation were low for Ngannou going into his first ever professional boxing bout against arguably to number one heavyweight on the planet, but the 37-year-old surprised virtually everyone with his boxing ability in a losing effort.

Ngannou dropped Fury heavily with a left hook in the third round and kept his composure throughout the bout, losing a close split decision by scores of 95-94, 93-96 and 94-95.

Top Rank president Todd DuBoef says the strength of that performance could see Ngannou get the call up to face Fury again.

“That’s an earned ability to get the rematch. He earned that,” DuBoef told Sky Sports.

“His performance dictated that [people think:] ‘Woah, he has a chance. We never thought he had a chance’ and in that situation, I think absolutely.

“I think Tyson is regretful. He blamed himself. He thought he had an off night. He said: ‘I took it lightly. It was all on me.’ Didn’t point fingers, which was good.

“Ngannou outperformed anybody’s expectation and as a result of that you have all the components to say, hey, I want to see this again and that creates and warrants a rematch.”

The viability of the rematch will be largely dependent on how Britain’s Fury, 35, looks against WBA, WBO, IBF and Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk 21-0 (14) when they pair meet in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on February 17. There is an immediate rematch clause built into their contracts that the loser of the bout can activate.

“I’m not a big rematch fan. I just think that it kind of takes the prize out of the prizefight,” DuBoef said.

“It is a new phenomenon that’s come in the last probably decade and a half. So I’m not a big rematch fan but you have to understand that there are rematch clauses in fights and it’s more of the norm today.”

DuBoef said he would rather rematches happened organically when the public demanded them.

“I think it’s a special moment in February when we get all the heavyweight titles together,” DuBoef said.

“I think that we’re talking about two world class heavyweights that will hopefully put on an incredible performance and if it’s that good of a fight then it warrants a rematch. It shouldn’t be something that should be dictated prior to seeing what the first fight is.

“Let’s hope that they put on such a great fight that it warrants a rematch.”